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Marble TulipTM - Concentrated Ox Gall

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Marble TulipTM - Concentrated Ox Gall

is sourced from Australian Companies only, and bottled and packed in convenient amber dropper bottles prolonging the life, quality and properties of the Concentrated Ox Gall. As Marble Tulip™ is a concentrate, please note our product goes a long way.

Marble Tulip™ stands for the quality of the Australian Cattle Industry of being "Clean and Green".

Purchase Marble Tulip™ below and please email us for any questions regarding our product, delivery and freight.

If you would like to become a Distributor of Marble Art™ in your country, please email us here.


Daryl from Beh Enterprises sent me samples of the new concentrated ox-galls to try. I have tested them with really  pleasing results. They enabled me to have better control of the ox-gall because of their eye droppers and small glass containers. Small sizes can be very handy when performing for a special occasion. Also, it was the first time I have used concentrated ox-gall. The difference from the traditional raw gall is the amount needed for the paint. A few drops of the concentrated gall will do the same job as compared to raw ox-gall which is usually used in more amounts. I will suggest these concentrated ox-galls to my fellow marbling artists.

Belgin BOLU, Marble Artist

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15ml Concentrated Ox Gall - 15ml $6.95
30ml Concentrated Ox Gall - 30ml $8.50
50ml Concentrated Ox Gall - 50ml $12.00
100ml Concentrated Ox Gall - 100ml $21.00
200ml Concentrated Ox Gall - 200ml $36.00
500ml Concentrated Ox Gall - 500ml $66.00
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