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Personal Profile

Darly Wilkinson, Managing Director, Beh Enterprisescow_cc_01

Daryl Wilkinson was born and raised in a country town in Australia.


At the early age of eighteen he had already bought his first herd of cattle.

His passion for the land and cattle has continued throughout his entire life, and over this time he has purchased several cattle farms for both cattle raising and breeding.

This passion for cattle is what has led him to become a leading exporter in Australia of Ox/Cattle Gallstones. Also, it has allowed him to be understanding of the meat industry here in Australia, but most importantly, it has introduced him to: cattle breeders, meat exporters and slaughterhouse owners/managers. It is this personal connection and support that he has with these people that has allowed his Company Beh Enterprises to continue and grow.

Australian Ox/Cattle Gallstones

Quality and origin control

  • We personally travel to each slaughterhouse for each collection of gallstones
  • Security of these gallstones is then maintained from this time on
  • Our gallstones are regraded, packed and exported directly to our overseas buyer by air

Each collection is covered by the following:


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